TPG Cultural Exchange is a United States Department of State-approved J-1 visa sponsor for visiting teachers. As a team, we have helped thousands of teachers and schools over the years experience the joys and learnings that cultural exchange can bring to both American students and international teachers along with their communities by extension.

We believe that the world is becoming more globally interconnected and it is crucially important for students in the United States to be exposed to new cultures and people to embrace change and excel in their lives and careers. Additionally, the learnings and experiences that teachers have during their time in the United States fosters their own professional development and their understanding of our country for decades to come.

TPG Cultural Exchange is comprised of a seasoned and dedicated group of individuals who have had extensive experience administering and supporting teacher cultural exchange (J1) programs for the past 15 years. The members of TPG’s team have been, in their individual capacities, involved in all aspects of teacher cultural exchange (J1) programs in over 60 school districts across several US states.

The principals of TPG have been featured in major publications including the New York Times, NBC Nightly News and Times of India, in both the US and India for their work in supporting cultural exchange programs.

Our Goal is clear

Our goal is to ensure every teacher is ready to build lasting relationships with their students from the first day they step into the classroom and provide cross-cultural instruction. We provide our teachers with professional development and support both before they reach the United States as well as for the duration of their time here. TPG Cultural Exchange’s qualified staff is always ready to lend an ear, a helping hand, or whatever it may take to help them succeed.


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