TPG Cultural Exchange, LLC is a US Department of State-designated Teacher Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor. As a team, we have supported over a thousand teachers pursue cultural exchange programs in the United States. Our program prepares students in both the U.S. and in countries around the globe for success in the 21st century by offering world-class instruction while enhancing global awareness and cultural exposure.

We recruit highly-qualified and culturally-curious teachers from around the world and then collaborate with host schools in the US to identify the right placement opportunities for schools, and the right host schools for teachers. Our teachers come from countries as distant as Jamaica, India, the Philippines, and Ghana, united by a desire to expand their horizons and a dedication to the craft of education. All of our teachers have the equivalent of a 4-year degree in Education and focus on subjects from math and science to social studies and elementary education, as well as their native languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, and more.



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Why Choose Us?

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure every teacher is ready to build lasting relationships with their students from the first day they step into the classroom and provide cross-cultural instruction. We provide our teachers with professional development and support both before they reach the United States as well as for the duration of their time here. TPG Cultural Exchange’s qualified staff is always ready to lend an ear, a helping hand, or whatever it may take to help them succeed.



“Nothing is more challenging, exciting, satisfying and more importantly enriching as teaching and living in the United States of America. From the onset, TPG provided highly reliable information, mentorship and guidance through the application, interviews, relocation and travel stages of the whole process. It was easy making vital decisions since I had a clear picture of what to expect right from the beginning. What followed was seamless transition with minimal anxiety. I still enjoy TPG’s continued support system even after my arrival. Thank you TPG for making my dream come true. Cheers!”

Felix, Manatee County School District from Kenya

“TPG Cultural Exchange has changed my professional career 180 degrees. The team didn’t fail in helping me throughout the entire process from application, to the principal’s interview down to my arrival, until teaching here in the US. I have great respect and admiration for the dedication they provide, the result of which is the satisfaction and joy I have obtained. TPG supports me promptly and efficiently through professional development webinars, trainings and even personal phone calls from the members of the team..”

Romeo, Colleton County School District from the Philippines

“I would like to thank everyone at TPG from the bottom of my heart for their quick responses, efficiency and prompt follow up. They all were approachable, helpful and patient with me. Their combined effort prepared me well for the interviews and gave me lot of knowledge about the position and the place I was applying for. I highly recommend TPG if you are looking to work in the USA..”

Rashmi, Marlboro School District from India

“One of my goals as a classroom teacher is to maximize my fullest potential and I give thanks to TPG for putting me on the right track to self-actualization. The TPG team is very loyal, efficient and professional in every aspect. I was very thankful that after my arrival in the U.S. we were still in touch and the support system was still in place. I have no reservation in recommending TPG Cultural group to any of my colleagues.”

Avril, Marion School District from Jamaica


"Ever since I was young, I always dreamed of coming to the U.S. I am very grateful for all the awesome staff at TPG for the support, guidance, and encouragement they have provided. They have taught us various strategies and techniques for classroom management that have helped greatly. TPG, your support to each of the international teachers is not something we take lightly. Along with your support, we are committed to doing what is best for both ourselves and for the children we serve here in the United States.."

Brendyl, Colleton County School District from the Philippines

“TPG offered patience, guidance, and attention while I was applying to teach in the United States. They were very consistent in updating me on steps I should take, what was required of me and what would happen leading up to my arrival in the United States. TPG gave me that comfort, support and safe network as an international teacher throughout my journey..”

Kedeana, Colleton County School District from Jamaica

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